Mixed messages

Road from Rosh Pinah to Sendelingsdrif


For a good laugh, click: Africa at its Best and scroll down.

BAINES BAOBABS (Nice video, but better switch off the sound)

The true size of Africa: http://www.iflscience.com/environment/africas-size-perspective

And now a completely different map: size of countries related to their population. Interesting: India, Australia, Russia, Namibia http://i.imgur.com/zQg1M2A.png

Look at that! The Ugab Lion passed our campsite of coming February. (Ugab Rhino base Camp) https://www.facebook.com/149170995160202/photos/a.548372791906685.1073741826.149170995160202/835897479820880/?type=1

Yes, you can bike in Namibia. Johan Snyman proofs it. Messum Crater by Mountain Bike  (Eroded volcano with a diameter of 22 km)


Foto Markus van der Neut in ‘Kgalagadi Sightings’

To make room for new photographs I had to delete some of them made during my mountainbike tour there.

Text (in Dutch): http://frankhoppener.waarbenjij.nu/reisverslagen/313471/cardamom-mountains/1

Photographs mainly at http://www.hiking-site.nl/virtuexpo/frank-hoppener/index.php/1
Note: the guy on the first picture is not me!


Divorce Pass, Namibia
Divorce Pass, Namibia






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